We do water-harvesting. For 31 years we’ve worked in remote desert regions of Rajasthan, NW India alongside the poorest people; to date in 1,592 villages with 1.6 million people. We combine our technical expertise with traditional local knowledge to capture and store monsoon rain for year-round use. Using a range of low-cost sustainable technologies, we offer a viable solution for people living with water-scarcity. Our work reduces poverty, improves livelihoods and the environment, and sets women and girls free from the drudgery of water procurement.

As a small charity we are immensely grateful for the support of the Shears Foundation. We take on  multi-year commitments with many different projects, and their help has freed up our general funds, enabling us to plan new projects and reach more people. Support from the Shears Foundation has impacted on the lives of many hundreds of people: unlocking peoples’ potential and helping them to break free from poverty for good. Having a sustainable supply of water at home is the starting point.